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About the Author

Spencer Anderson is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam war veteran, former pilot, teacher and counselor, and an honorary Colonel in the Commemorative Air Force. His passion for aviation and aviation history is clearly seen in his writing.  Spencer is dedicated to keeping alive the legacy of the patriots who­ chose to fly and fight for our grateful nation in its most trying times.

His latest novel, Survive the Night recalls the tragedy of the German death march of more than 10,000 American and allied POWs through 900 miles of mountainous forests and war-torn lowlands of Germany. Though the march was a tragic stain on our world’s history, Survive the Night is full of tender moments, happy outcomes, and the antics of Highway the dog.

Spencer Anderson is also the author of the popular warbird trilogy of historical-fiction aviation novels featuring Carl Bridger, the son of a Montana cattle rancher. “The Last Raider,” “Avenging Angel,” and “Mission Critical,” chronicle Carl’s adventures as a WWII pilot, a spy-plane test pilot and CIA operative, and a grandpa on a daring rescue mission.

Spencer Anderson is married to the love of his life, Carole, and they live in St. George, Utah. 

Spencer Anderson is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam war veteran, former pilot, teacher and counselor, and an honorary Colonel in the Commemorative Air Force

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Press / Podcast

The Andy Griffin Show's Interview of Spencer Anderson

on Podcast: German Death March – It Happened!

Listen as Spencer Anderson talks with podcaster Andy Griffin for The Andy Griffin Show on Southern Utah's News Talk KDXU in St. George about the horrendous 900+ mile death march that took place in Germany during the winter of 1944 – 1945. To listen, click here or on the Andy Griffin Show logo below.

The Andy Griffin Show Podcast Logo

Press Release

Press Release Spencer Anderson by Tactical 16 Publishing


Survive the Night Reviews

* “Survive The Night draws the reader into the story as if being right there with each character and their thoughts. The reader feels the emotions that the characters feel. Definitely a must read.”- Lori Robbins

* “Spencer Anderson's Survive The Night is full of action and brimming with historical and technical detail about what faced these brave bomber crews.  The characters come to life with back stories that will draw you in and make this story hard to put down.” -Brady Clark

*“The minute I started to read I was riveted.” - Gerry B. Jones

The Last Raider Reviews

* My daughter purchased The Last Raider from you at the air show in Grand Junction, Co. I usually read historical non-fiction so this was not my normal literature. You told a wonderful story. Thank you. I assumed the story would fall apart for "Carl" to fly from Montana to Serbia. Not so. While I was reading, I felt like I was living right there in the story. I could hardly put it down. I have proudly added your book to my collection. Thank you again. - Lori R.

* Wonderful, well-written story on par with any Clancy, Griffin, or Coonts titles. - Stanton P.

Kept me on the edge to see what was going to happen next.  All the ingredients of an excellent novel…suspense…action…romance. - Robert B.

* I was amazed at the detail and accuracy. This story is real page-turner. The author puts you right in the scenes especially in the plane. - Kindle Reader

Avenging Angel: A Pilot's Story Reviews

* Avenging Angel: A Pilot’s Story, rocks every emotion and gives truth to the statement, "The violence of war is an insult to the soul." The author skillfully weaves the business of flying in combat situations with the realism of the human spirit and its vulnerability. Spencer Anderson has captured the heart, soul and spirit of this special breed of individuals and I didn't want it to end. - Judy W.

* A great read – entertaining, fast paced, and filled with emotion, information, and excitement. This book reminded me of those wonderful old classic war movies - there is something for everyone: a great story, engaging characters, excitement, romance, adventure, danger, and tragedy. The air combat sequences are gripping, precise, and feel absolutely authentic. - Joseph G.

* Spencer Anderson’s representation of WWII, the events, places and people in Avenging Angel: A Pilot’s Story are magnificent. The feelings he raises in the heart of the reader can’t be suppressed as you live with the characters he has created. As with Mr. Anderson’s first book, The Last Raider, you will not be able to put it down. - Mike M.


Mission Critical Reviews

* Wow! Spencer Anderson has done it again. Mission Critical is a fast-paced, exciting story about the Bridger’s of Montana. We learn more about Carl and Annie and their dedication to country and family. As a man I know Carl’s heart, as a pilot I know his passion, as a Veteran I share his dedication, and as a Montanan, I appreciate his work ethic and love of home. The Bridger Trilogy is one of the best I’ve ever read. Thanks Spencer. - Mike M.

* In true Spencer Anderson style, Mission Critical is an adventure in flight set at a time when our nation was recovering from WW-II and beyond.  It brings a new perspective to an era few have much knowledge about.  It is also a story of undying love and devotion. Mission Critical will leave you glued to the story and turning pages into the wee hours. - Paul C. 

* Mission Critical was well worthy of the Bridger novels. I love how the story of Carl Bridger is interwoven with real events as it relates to the saga of the United States’ strategic aerial reconnaissance apparatus. Two thumbs up! - Spencer W.

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