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The Last Raider - Hardcover

The Last Raider - Hardcover


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Former WWII B-25 pilot and retired CIA Station Chief Carl Bridger is called back to action in 1994 during the Bosnian-Serbian war as he learns that his grandson’s F-14 Tomcat has been downed by a Serb missile. Lieutenant Cody Bridger and his Radar Intercept Officer have been taken prisoner by a ruthless and sadistic Serbian army colonel. Carl learns that the White House and the Navy are not planning a rescue due to the political climate, and it’s up to Carl and a few of his old WWII bomber crew to fly Carl’s refurbished B-25 on a daring rescue mission of their own. Cody has a gun to his head and time is critical. The challenge: to arm Carl’s old bomber - the last of the Doolittle Raiders - and get her airworthy in time to fly half-way around the world to save his grandson.


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