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Avenging Angel - Paperback

Avenging Angel - Paperback


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Fly with Carl Bridger and the famed “Air Apaches” of the 345th Bombardment Group as he and the crew of Avenging Angel take on the Imperial Japanese Air Force. Inspired by the true mission logs of the 501st Black Panthers. Share the heartache of witnessing friends falling victim to a fierce, determined, and well-armed enemy. Fly with the 345th from Tacloban Airfield on Leyte Island, to San Marceleno, Clark Field, and Ie Shima, Okinawa as the most famous B-25 Mitchell unit in the Pacific Theater of Operations fights its way to the islands of Japan itself. Live the experiences of American families who endured sacrifice, hardship, and tragedy at home, with only hope and their faith to get them through the most grievous global conflict in modern warfare.

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