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3-Book Set - Paperback

3-Book Set - Paperback


This 3 Book Set Trilogy includes:

The Last Raider  

Book 1 in the aviation action adventure trilogy about a former WWII B-25 pilot and retired CIA Station Chief Carl Bridger who is called back to action during the Bosnian - Serbian war.


Avenging Angel: A Pilot’s Story

Book 2:  Fly with Carl Bridger and the famed “Air Apaches” of the 345th Bombardment Group as he and the crew of Avenging Angel take on the Imperial Japanese Air Force. Inspired by the true mission logs of the 501st Black Panthers.


Mission Critical

Book 3: The action begins in 1949. The U.S. is in desperate need of intel on the Soviet Buildup of military power. Montana cowboy and decorated WWII bomber pilot, Carl Bridger's mission is two-fold: to engage in top-secret spy craft and be among the first to fly photo reconnaissance missions from 80,000 feet at Mach 3!


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