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Featuring Our New WWII Hero - Gus Bodine

B-25 Bomber

    "Pilot to crew! Bail out! Bail out!" Captain Gus Bodine didn't know whether anyone aboard heard the command, and hearing no response, painfully groped his way through the smoke for an exit: an escape hatch, an ack-ack hole ... anything.


     The horror of the moment - the carnage inflicted on his crew - would not hit Gus until later. For now, his instinct for survival gave him the single-minded focus to pull the dead radioman clear of a gaping hole in the fuselage and crawl his way toward the opening. A glimp
se of the German forests and farmland below spun crazily before his eyes. Less than 5,000 feet. Thrown off balance back into the plane by the centrifugal force of the now spinning B-17, Gus scrambled desperately toward the opening once more.
      "God help me, Addie, I will not die here!" he cried.

 * * * * * * * 

 The Last Raider - Book 1 in the aviation/action/adventure trilogy by Spencer Anderson

BOOK 1 - Carl Bridger Trilogy 


Former WWII B-25 pilot and retired CIA Station Chief Carl Bridger is called back to action in 1994 during the Bosnian-Serbian war as he learns that his grandson’s F-14 Tomcat has been downed by a Serb missile. Lieutenant Cody Bridger and his Radar Intercept Officer have been taken prisoner by a ruthless and sadistic Serbian army colonel. Carl learns that the White House and the Navy are not planning a rescue due to the political climate, and it’s up to Carl and a few of his old WWII bomber crew to fly Carl’s refurbished B-25 on a daring rescue mission of their own. Cody has a gun to his head and time is critical. The challenge: to arm Carl’s old bomber - the last of the Doolittle Raiders - and get her airworthy in time to fly half-way around the world to save his grandson.

Avenging Angel - Book 2 in the aviation/action/adventure trilogy by Spencer Anderson



 * * * * * * * 

BOOK 2 - Carl Bridger Trilogy 

Fly with Carl Bridger and the famed “Air Apaches” of the 345th Bombardment Group as he and the crew of Avenging Angel take on the Imperial Japanese Air Force. Inspired by the true mission logs of the 501st Black Panthers. Share the heartache of witnessing friends falling victim to a fierce, determined, and well-armed enemy. Fly with the 345th from Tacloban Airfield on Leyte Island, to San Marceleno, Clark Field, and Ie Shima, Okinawa as the most famous B-25 Mitchell unit in the Pacific Theater of Operations fights its way to the islands of Japan itself. Live the experiences of American families who endured sacrifice, hardship, and tragedy at home, with only hope and their faith to get them through the most grievous global conflict in modern warfare.


 * * * * * * * 

Mission Critical - Book 3 in the aviation/action/adventure trilogy by Spencer Anderson

 Mission Critical 

 BOOK 3 - Carl Bridger trilogy 

The action begins in 1949. The U.S. is in desperate need of intel on the Soviet Buildup of military power. Getting eyes on the Russian ground, sea, air and nuclear arsenal is mission critical to our nation's strategic defenses prompting the CIA and the White House to embark on a fast track to put eyes in the sky. Montana cowboy and decorated WWII bomber pilot, Carl Bridger, joins Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, a Lockheed aviation legend, to create the world's highest flying and fastest reconnaissance platforms ever designed, giving birth to the U-2, A-12, and SR-71 spy planes. As both a CIA agent and Air Force Reserve pilot, Carl's mission is two-fold: to engage in top-secret spy craft and be among the first to fly photo reconnaissance missions from 80,000 feet at Mach 3!

 * * * * * * * 

Gweladyd, Alisa's flying horse

 * * * * * * * 

The Secret of Moaning Cave - Fantasy/fiction by Spencer Anderson


No, it's not about flying planes, but it does have flying horses!


Out for an afternoon ATV ride, three Flagstaff middle schoolers come upon a previously hidden cave uncovered by a recent earthquake. The temptation for exploration overwhelms their better judgement and propels them into an adventure that will stretch time, space, and their own teen-age imaginations to the breaking point. Transported through time and space, Alisa, Alex and Seth are hailed as the three champions foretold in legend that must save the planet of the Khaemelians. Suggested reading level: 10 to 100 years young.

A novel for younger readers and the young at heart!  



Upcoming Events & Book Signings

For 2023

* Tentative     * Confirmed     * Canceled   

Red Cliffs Mall Signing Event : May 6, 2023

11am to 4pm at Red Cliffs Mall: 1770 Red Cliffs Dr, St. George, UT 

Gowen Thunder Air Show: Aug 26-27, 2023

Located in Boise, ID *Tentative

Reno Air Races: Sep 13-17, 2023 

The National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV

Grand Junction Air Show: Oct 14-15, 2023 

Located in Grand Junction, CO *Tentative

Dickens’ Festival: Nov 28- Dec 1, 2023

Located at Dixie Convention Center, 1835 Convention Center Dr., St. George, Utah

“Spencer Anderson's Survive The Night is full of action and brimming with historical and technical detail about what faced these brave bomber crews.  The characters come to life with back stories that will draw you in and make this story hard to put down.”

Brady Clark

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